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Photo Shoot: Pinup

3 Photographers. Cassie was our outstanding model. A great time was had by all!


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Starting New

I have written this exact post several times. The beginning blog post. This post is always the easy part, forgetting is where I fall short. I read blogs quite a bit and in them I admire the people and my blog roll is quite …¬†voyeuristic. Life intrigues me. A life lived, even if it is in small moments is interesting to me. I love creativity and exploring creative endeavors. I want to show that I too have a view point worth hearing, so I am attempting, once again, to be the voice in the sea of millions of voices wanting to be heard. My voice is not centered. I want to blog about food, friends, experiences, creative attempts, creative failures and reviews. I have no plan. I can’t even promise a 2nd post, but I do have a desire to blog.

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