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Restaurant Review: Sushi Twister

I am definitely a love of sushi and I have eaten at several good sushi places in town. I will admit that I am partial to All-You-Can-Eat, because sushi is one of the few meals that I will absolutely stuff myself silly on!

Sushi Twister is located on the North West corner of Tropicana and Boulder Highway in the Albertson’s shopping center. Almost everyone whom I have given the location have made eyes at me like I was crazy, since it isn’t the greatest area; but I will tell you the sushi is good!

First, I love the menu! The menu items are delicious but the layout of the menu fantastic as well, it is laid out in categories, I love that the spicy items are in a section of their own so that I don’t miss an ingredient on the list and find myself guzzling down my drink.

Items to try:
Boulder Roll – Shrimp Tempura and cucumber with sliced avocado & splashed tempura crumbs
Aki & Yuki –  Shrimp Tempura & cucumber wrapped with crab & avocado. Splashed w/ eel sauce.
This trip, I tried the Chris Roll for the first time and it was outstanding! I will most certainly be ordering it again. Chris Roll – Shrimp, Tempura & cucumber inside, Eel on top, splashed with eel sauce.

The rolls are definitely the best part. The nigiri is good but I have had better around town. I have always had a good experience with the staff being attentive as well.


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