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Day 1 of NaNoWriMo went a lot better than I had intended, on November 1st, there I was ready to write and I made it to 3000+ words! The words flowed and inspiration came, it is a great feeling. In fact, sometimes you can even get the feeling that you are a writing genius while still being incredibly aware that what you’re writing is very much in “first draft” mode. I wrote 3000+ magnificent pieces of rubbish.

November 2nd arrive, and there I was with my netbook in McDonald’s. I let my daughter go play in the playplace and I set off to write. What happened? well, mostly air conditioning happened. It was FREEZING. I am very prone to being cold but even other patrons were commenting on it. A few of them actually left. I attempted to go into another section of the McDonald’s which helped slightly, but even in my hoodie it was chilly and as 5 year old kids tend to do, there were frequent interruptions.

I wrote a paragraph. Roughly, 100 words. You know what I did accomplish instead? 3 spreads in Project Life are complete with stuff, photos and journaling. I had a few bits and pieces in there, to start with, but now they are complete.

Sometimes you don’t complete what you set out to for the day, I am okay with that as long as it wasn’t a total bust.


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