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Dinner on Easy Mode

I am most definitely not a cook. I have no training and most recipes I make, I wing it. There are times when I have seen a term I didn’t understand (like blanching) and googled it. Yep. I’ve googled. No shame in it! This is why I love EASY meals.

One of my favorite Easy Meals is Pita Pizza.


Whole Wheat Pita (purchased at WalMart)
Tomato Pesto Sauce (purchased at WalMart)
Zucchini (purchased at WalMart)
Mozzarella Cheese (purchased at WalMart)

Directions are simple and basically self explanatory.
Take the whole wheat pita. Add “sauce” of pesto. Add zucchini. If you would like something more, I have used chicken and spinach for something extra. Then top with cheese and put it in a toaster oven for 2-3 minutes. I usually just hit “Toast” and keep an eye on it until the cheese has melted.


This is a great item to make with kids too. My daughter (age 4) made her own cheese pizza.




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Restaurant Review: Sushi Twister

I am definitely a love of sushi and I have eaten at several good sushi places in town. I will admit that I am partial to All-You-Can-Eat, because sushi is one of the few meals that I will absolutely stuff myself silly on!

Sushi Twister is located on the North West corner of Tropicana and Boulder Highway in the Albertson’s shopping center. Almost everyone whom I have given the location have made eyes at me like I was crazy, since it isn’t the greatest area; but I will tell you the sushi is good!

First, I love the menu! The menu items are delicious but the layout of the menu fantastic as well, it is laid out in categories, I love that the spicy items are in a section of their own so that I don’t miss an ingredient on the list and find myself guzzling down my drink.

Items to try:
Boulder Roll – Shrimp Tempura and cucumber with sliced avocado & splashed tempura crumbs
Aki & Yuki –  Shrimp Tempura & cucumber wrapped with crab & avocado. Splashed w/ eel sauce.
This trip, I tried the Chris Roll for the first time and it was outstanding! I will most certainly be ordering it again. Chris Roll – Shrimp, Tempura & cucumber inside, Eel on top, splashed with eel sauce.

The rolls are definitely the best part. The nigiri is good but I have had better around town. I have always had a good experience with the staff being attentive as well.

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