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I did it with Pinterest

Most of you have probably heard of Pinterest. It is a website that allows you to “pin” images from other websites into one nice neat place called a “Board”, each board typically has a theme like “Recipes” or “Fashion”. It’s a fantastic way to display ideas and I use it quite regularly.

The running joke of Pinterest however is that you spend countless hours pinning images of fancy DIY projects, lavish party ideas and fashion you’ll never afford and there it stays, untouched. I am proud to say that I have actually DONE things that I have pinned on Pinterest and I challenge you to do the same.

Example: I found this great recipe online for Panda Express String Bean Chicken. I am sad to report that the site has been removed. It tasted amazing! In fact, when I tried the Panda Express version, I was left quite disappointed.

I intend to make “I did it with Pinterest” a regular feature here. It could be recipes, DIY or scrapbook/Project Life related but I think it’s time that more great ideas made it off of pinterest.

Stay Tuned to see how I turned:

(bottom image) into a scrapbook layout. Design inspiration is a great place to look for inspriation in other art forms.



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Day 1 of NaNoWriMo went a lot better than I had intended, on November 1st, there I was ready to write and I made it to 3000+ words! The words flowed and inspiration came, it is a great feeling. In fact, sometimes you can even get the feeling that you are a writing genius while still being incredibly aware that what you’re writing is very much in “first draft” mode. I wrote 3000+ magnificent pieces of rubbish.

November 2nd arrive, and there I was with my netbook in McDonald’s. I let my daughter go play in the playplace and I set off to write. What happened? well, mostly air conditioning happened. It was FREEZING. I am very prone to being cold but even other patrons were commenting on it. A few of them actually left. I attempted to go into another section of the McDonald’s which helped slightly, but even in my hoodie it was chilly and as 5 year old kids tend to do, there were frequent interruptions.

I wrote a paragraph. Roughly, 100 words. You know what I did accomplish instead? 3 spreads in Project Life are complete with stuff, photos and journaling. I had a few bits and pieces in there, to start with, but now they are complete.

Sometimes you don’t complete what you set out to for the day, I am okay with that as long as it wasn’t a total bust.

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